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Recoules is situated in the northwestern corner of the Aveyron, a department nestled in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France. The Aveyron is a scenic and beautiful area, featuring wonderful countryside vistas as well as 10 of only 146 villages in the country officially classified as the "Most Beautiful Villages in France."

The Aveyron is situated on the southern edge of the Massif Central, and is made up of a succession of terraced plateaus. It is therefore quite a diverse area in its landscape, with mountains, gorges, and rolling hills between. Rivers, lakes, and a National Park help to round out the landscape.

The climate varies greatly with the changing of the seasons. Though winter has a continental feel, temperatures are influenced by the Atlantic in spring and autumn, and the Mediterranean in the summer. Because of these influences, the Aveyron enjoys many more hours of sunshine per year than Paris , or even the more close-by Toulouse. At the same time, winter brings generous snowfall, to the delight of skiers.

At its heart, the enchanting Hamlet of Recoules offers a tranquil holiday destination -- a chance to step back in time and live life at a gentler pace, to "get away from it all". Of course, there are also many activities available to enjoy, with horse riding and an 18-hole Golf course within easy reach (15 min). The area is perfect for walking, cycling, or bird watching, painting sessions, sight-seeing, and many other recreational opportunities for both individuals and families.