"Aveyron seems to have been created for physical exercise"



The diversity of the geological history of Aveyron has created a relief which is as surprising as it is unexpected. Opportunities abound for lovers of the Great Outdoors.

Aveyron seems to have been created for physical exercise. For athletes and thrill-seekers, the incredibly wide variety of rock formations, air currents, lakes and rivers provide boundless opportunities for sporting excitement and adventure. There's so much to choose from. And for quieter souls, there is also the deeper, more spiritual side of nature: each forest, each village, each footpath is a natural adventure, revealing the rich heritage of Aveyron, such as the Templar and Hospitaller fortified villages , right in the heart of the Parc Régional Naturel des Grands Causses or the calm of the in-land seas, the great lakes of Lévézou .

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