Hiking is perhaps the best way to discover a region. 900 km of hiking trails, or "Grande Randonnée", and a network of 2,800 km of smaller trails, let you to discover the vast open spaces of the département.

There are two centres here to welcome you and help you set out to discover the environment and the heritage of the Aveyron.

CPIE du Rouergue
The Centre Permanent d'Initiative pour l'Environnement du Rouergue (CPIE du Rouergue) organises :

· Workshops for children 5/12 years old: in the form of discovery expeditions, the young detectives, curious by nature, will have a number of enigmas to solve.
· Discovery expeditions: accompanied by an experienced guide, you set out to discover the flora and fauna, the landscapes, the history and the heritage of Aveyron.

For information, contact the CPIE du Rouergue

25, avenue Charles de Gaulle - 12100 Millau
Tél : (33) 5 65 61 06 57 - Fax : (33) 5 65 60 26 02

Many activities abound for your unique holiday:




Horse Riding


Hang Gliding

Aerial Tour

Water Sports